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Discover 4 Unique and Proven Ways to Confidently Discern His Voice.

Havilah _ Created To hear God _ Hero Mockup


Discover 4 Unique and Proven Ways to Confidently Discern His Voice.

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Hearing God Isn't Complicated

Created to Hear God will take you from unsure and unclear to confident in the unique way He speaks to you (even if you’re not a pastor, leader, or seminary student).

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Have you ever wanted to hear God's voice?

Maybe you’ve tried to hear Him before, but you always end up feeling confused and unsure.
Maybe you’ve felt hesitant to believe He speaks because you don’t want to get it wrong.
Maybe you have questions or concerns weighing on your heart.

Wherever you’re coming from, God wants to speak to you.

His voice isn’t distant or out-of-reach. It’s not something that’s reserved for Bible scholars, worship leaders, or ordained ministers.

What if the key to hearing Him isn’t trying harder, praying more, or getting a higher degree?

What if it’s a simple paradigm shift?

God is already speaking. The key is understanding the unique way He speaks to you.

After more than twenty-five years studying and teaching on hearing from God, I’ve discovered four distinct ways we hear His voice.

Today, I use these concepts to teach thousands of people around the world the 4 ways God speaks to us.
Are you ready to discover the unique way He speaks to you?

Maybe you’ve heard conversations or teaching on this topic that’s made it sound complicated, difficult, or only reserved for a select few.

But hearing God is a gift that’s meant for every believer.

Created to Hear God uncovers 4 unique and proven ways people hear God’s voice throughout scripture and how He still speaks today. This book will help you:

  • Let go of preconceived ideas about what hearing God “should” look like and embrace the unique way He speaks to you

  • Identify your unique prophetic personality: Hearer, Knower, Feeler, or Seer, and learn the core attributes of each

  • Understand not only how God speaks to you, but to your family and friends so you know how to relate to them

  • Discover how to strengthen and develop your unique personality so you can encourage others

  • Remove any unnecessary pressure and trust that God is an expert Communicator who wants to speak to you in a way that you understand

  • Walk in deeper intimacy with God and a greater understanding of His heart towards you


Created to Hear God is also available as an audio book...

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Created to Hear God

is a practical guidebook for discerning the voice of God through your unique prophetic personality.

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Are you a Seer, Feeler, Hearer, or Knower?

  • Do you usually operate on instinct and intuition?

  • Do you have a strong inner voice that guides you?

  • DO you learn by listening to other speak?

  • Do you struggle functioning when things don't "feel" right?

  • Do you typically envision how things should be in a situation?

  • Are you able to feeling things others don't?

  • Do you enjoy journaling and keeping track of your life?

  • Do you pick up on other people's emotions?

  • Do you struggle to focus on details?

  • Would you rather be dreaming about the future than focusing on today?

  • Do you find it easy to push through barriers and overcome obstacles?

  • Do you tend to have big dreams?


Hey, I'm Havilah!

I believe hearing God’s voice is one of the greatest gifts we’ve been given, but I understand firsthand that it can feel complicated and frustrating. Growing up, I didn’t think I could hear God’s voice. I felt like I was trying to tune into a radio station and could never find the right frequency.  But one night at a conference, I had an encounter with God that changed everything. I realized He had been speaking to me the whole time– I just hadn’t learned to recognize His voice.
Today, I’m an author, speaker, pastor, and founder of a non-profit ministry called Truth to Table. I teach people around the world how to live out the truth of God’s Word, pursue His purpose for their lives, and hear His voice for themselves.

This is the book I wish I could’ve read as a teenager to help me realize it wasn’t a matter of God speaking, but it was a matter of me learning to recognize His voice!  These 4 distinct personalities have helped thousands of people recognize the unique way God is speaking to them and walk in deeper relationship with Him.

I believe you’re just at the beginning of all He has for you.


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Created to Hear God e-course

8 video lessons, 16 activations & encouragements, and a digital workbook to help you extend your learning through questions and exercises.

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Quiz to discover your personalized way of hearing God

Are you a Seer, Hearer, Feeler, or Knower? Take this 10-minute quiz to find out!

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Created to Hear God Book Club

Get access to this online book club community and discuss your thoughts, questions, and insights as you journey through the book with like-hearted believers.


If you've scrolled this far, you know there's more for you.

More than just waiting for a leader to call you out of a room of 500 and tell you what God wants for your life. More than opening up the Bible to a random verse and praying it applies to your situation. More than hearing story after story of God communicating with His people throughout the Bible, and not knowing if He still speaks today.

If you have pain around this topic, I get it. Hearing God is a gift that’s been mysterious, misunderstood, and even misused for far too long. If you feel hesitant to even believe God wants to speak to you, I get that too.

But I also know that His promise to you in John 10:27 is this:

“My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.”

The Good Shepherd wants to speak to you more than you know.
Take a deep breath. Take off any unnecessary pressure for it to look a certain way…

And learn how to recognize the Voice you were created to hear.